The Ultimate Home Office Inspiration

Looking at pictures of amazing home offices was such a huge inspiration for me when I first started to think of ideas for my work from home business.  At the time, I wasn’t sure exactly what business I would start, but I knew I would have a killer office!  Once I had my office how I wanted it, I immediately became so much more productive. Here are a few of my favorites.

dream-closet-and-office-spacechic home office

This is Rach Parcell’s (Pink Peonies Blog) home office, and it is a total dream!  This office is the perfect mix of feminine and chic, and the animal print carpet is such a fun touch!  In case you didn’t notice, it is actually inside of her closet, which is also incredible! This office/closet combo makes perfect sense, since she is a fashion blogger.

functional home office

This gorgeous office grabbed my attention because it is so classically stylish, yet still so functional!  Most of the modern home offices you see online either have a small desk against a wall or in the middle of the room, but this L shaped desk offers so much more desktop space and storage space.  On a side note, making the ceiling the accent wall is so genius!  I am always drawn to anything in white, but I love the shades of blue as accent colors.

black masculine office

This sleek black office exudes effortless style.  If it were mine, I would definitely need to add a computer for functional purposes, but this minimalist style really works.

grey and white home office

Grey and white always looks so chic!  My favorite part of this home office is how perfect it is for having clients stop by for meetings.  It is always great to have a spot to meet with clients, if your business calls for that.  It would also work to have meetings with business partners, or potential employees.  For me personally, it would give my husband a place to sit while waiting for me to stop working and come to bed! (Side note: he has been putting a curfew on me lately. I can stay up til the crack of dawn working without even realizing it, so he takes it upon himself to make sure I get to bed at a decent time! haha)


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